Monday, June 21, 2021

Me On A Monday - June 21st Reminder

 A reminder that next week is our first SPSH Link In.  I'll see you all then.

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (SPSH) - the  easing, but not gone  pandemic restrictions edition.  

Keeping in mind that some of us may still be in a form of lockdown, or that some of us could be returning to lockdown or some of us are free to roam about.  There are some searches for at home, close to home or away from home.  I hope some items encourage you to think creatively & some that may require an open eye to find.   Find some, find all, hope you join in for the fun of the search.

Only two simple rules;  please use photos taken between June 1st & September 30th of 2021 & that you or a loved one have taken the photo, other than that, it's meant for fun.

As with previous years, if you would like to be connected with others participating, please leave me a comment & on the link in days, I'll post that connection list.  

First check in/link up will be Wednesday June 30th.

2021 SPSH  List


  1. A Breakfast of Champions
  2. Favourite Time of Day
  3. Something To Represent Home But Not The Building
  4. Head In The Clouds; shapes or interesting patterns
  5. The Art Of The Fold
  6. Something That Makes You Laugh or Happy
  7. What's In Bloom
  8. Window Views
  9. Something Older Than You
  10. The Delivery Van/Truck Making The Deliveries
  11. The Shape of Round/Circular
  12. Something That Is Cause For Celebration
  13. Your Marie Kondo Moment – Or Not
  14. Inside Your Fridge Or Cupboard
  15. Your Best Doodle Art (not public graffiti)
  16. A Guilty Pleasure; Something That Recharges You
  17. An Exit
  18. Upside Down, Right Side Up
  19. Steps, But Who's Counting
  20. Decades Of Sharing; find something in your home that is from the 70's or80's or 90's or 00's


A: show off your  COVID safety; masks, cleaning, or other related supplies

B: a local landmark

C: the most beautiful landscape photo of the season


  1. Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward to seeing everyone's first finds next week x

  2. I'm all set and have begun prepping my post for next week. :)

  3. Thank you for the reminder. I have managed to take a few photos and I will include one that was taken by my daughter. Looking forward to the first link up! :)

  4. I need to get a move on! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I keep popping in to get this url so I can share with buddies. Now to get my post started!!