Monday, December 11, 2023

Me On A Monday - December 11th

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A couple of years ago, Ruth at This West London Life introduced me to Nigella's Easy Cranberry sauce, which I now make for Christmas.  This year I discovered Niegella's Christmas Chutney recipe.  Another fairly easy one to make, but reaps taste bud delights.  In her original recipe the pepper she called for was of the too spicy for me, so I just added a little regular black pepper, but if you need the heat, then be sure to switch the black pepper up for the cayenne pepper.


Nigella’s Christmas Chutney

5 cups peeled & chopped apples

1 medium onion chopped finely

4 1/2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries

2 cups pitted dates, each one cut into thirds

2 clementines or Satsumas 

2 cups super fine sugar

1/2 tsp ground cloves

1 tsp ground ginger

1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp pepper

2 cups white wine vinegar

1 tsp salt

  • YOU WILL NEED: 9 x 250ml / 1-cup sealable jars, with vinegar-proof lid, such as Kilner jars or re-usable pickle jars.
  • Sterilize your jars by washing them well in soapy water, then rinse them and let them dry in a cool (140ΒΊC/gas mark 1/275ΒΊC) oven. If you’re putting warm chutney into them, all jars must be warm. Or use dishwasher-clean jars fresh from the machine.


  1. put apples, onion cranberries, dates into a large pan. Zest the clementines, squeeze the juice & scape the pulp into the pan.
  2. add the sugar, spices. stir to thoroughly blend, bring to a slow boil, sir, turn down the heat & allow to bubble cheerfully uncovered for about an hour. Stir thoroughly several times.
  3. turn off heat, cool to warm & spoon into prepared jars & seal.



  1. The chutney sounds delicious! How much sugar does the recipe call for? I didn't see the amount listed in the recipe.

    1. Bless I had to dig around on the internet to find how much Nigella's recipe called for - 2 cups of fine sugar (I used a blend of sugars I had, white & demerara). I've now added to the listing of ingredients.

    2. Thank you! I might have to give this recipe a try! My chutney recipe is very different (doesn't include onions, for example).

    3. There are many recipes out there ... I like fruit based chutneys & ones that are not spicy at all. :)

  2. Ooh, I just may give this a try! :)

    1. It was certainly easy to put together & all the ingredients were readily available. Who knows maybe next year's cranberry sauce will have the company of chutney ... I see a basket of Christmas tasties in the future (col).

  3. That sounds tasty. I've never made anything like that.

    1. There are a lot of chutneys out there, most are way too spicy for me. I have a peach chutney that I purchase & Mr Man & I both like on a sandwich (his is a chicken sandwich) or with his pork chop. I use mine on soy.

  4. It's definitely a commentary on the time of year, that I am almost a week late in reading this post. I have a wonderful cranberry sauce recipe that I make for Thanksgiving. It lasts well until Christmas. I do not, however, have a chutney recipe I love so I'm copying this one into my recipe file! Thanks. Enjoy this last week of anticipation,

    1. Just knowing how many Christmas cards you make, is it any wonder commenting takes a back seat (col). I hope you like the chutney recipe. I read on some of the reviews for this recipe someone added chopped dried apricots to it, which I think might be a good addition. Yes this is the week of Joy's anticipation.