Friday, April 01, 2022

WPSH - The Final Link In



Well another fun Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt comes to an end.  Thank you Eileen for hosting & posting.  You can find the link to participants here:  Bracelet of Days - WPSH Link

My Final Entries For The 2021/2022 WPSH:

 #3 Something You Use Every Day: I tossed around the idea of either my electric kettle for boiling water for my tea or my camera; the kettle won out as it is really something I use everyday, where as the camera maybe 5-6 out of 7 days. Seeing such a boring item, I'm thinking I would like a fun kettle, at least one that whistles! 

#5 Diagonal: we pass this "art installation" on the drive to Mr Man's Eye Pressure Specialist. I was told that this piece of art is called "diagonal fall"  not sure I believe this person ...


#6 Currency: A form of currency that every Canadian knows; Canadian Tire reward money.

#7 Rainbow: Rainbow crafting paper from Stampin Up

#9 Single Letter Of The Alphabet: in reducing/releasing decluttering activities I came across these "letter books" in my scrapping stash. One is Believe, which was intended for a Christmas book & the other is Friend; I am not sure what project or friend I had in mind for this.  But before I decide what to do with them, the letters make a good example for this item.

#10 Trees: Silhouetted one evening in February, my back garden.

#12 Symbolic Of The Country You Call Home: a windy March day of our flag that surprisingly has lasted through the winter. 

#13 Graffiti (Street Art): This was the hardest one for me & not because there isn't graffiti around, but most of it is very rude. I have no idea what TRV is all about ...

#14 A Tea Break: gifts from friends to honour my love of tea parties. These were part of the emotional de-cluttering of the dining room. For now they stay.

#17 Wheel(s): the wheel on my garden (decorative) wheelbarrow has survived another winter & still attached.  Soon to be put right side up.

Alt A. Free Choice: winter art - our little village has officially made the bear a mascot; these little snow bears on the trees were found all over the village.



  1. The snow bear is delightful and is my favourite, although I do like your tea party plate and ornament as well. Many thanks for joining in Mary-Lou.

  2. I think that the snow bear is the cutest thing that I've ever seen!

  3. You captured some very interesting snapshots. I would avoid the road with the "art installation" if I were you -- looks dangerous.

  4. Oh, my favorite is definitely the snow bear!

  5. Oooooh! The snowbear is soooo sweeeet! Great choices. I like your E and your trees. I "see" the diagonal fall but I share your (apparent?) disdain for the installation. What is the point of it? I mean, is it outside an arts centre, or serving some practical purpose? Curious.

    1. The art installation surprisely is out front of the regional police station. I guess a lot of their "clients" have a few diagonal falls ... I'll say no more.