Sunday, September 30, 2018

Final Link In For 2018 SPSH

This is our fourth & final check in for the SPSH 2018.  While we do not have a formal link in, I've listed below those that indicated they were searching ...

Thank you to all those that participated.  My intend & hope is that you had fun & got out to enjoy the views where ever you were this glorious season.  I've already got the 2019 SPSH list in draft form!

My last enteries:
#18 Currency - Canadian

#2 Stripes
Alternate A - Shopping Bags

Do have a peak at what the other Participants, in no particular order, have found:
Eileen at: A Bracelet of Days
Ruth at: This West London Life
Deb at: Debs14

Amanda at: Amanda's Scrapbook Pages
Lady Ella at: Flowers of Progress 
Maggie at: Farmer's Wife Day by Day
Melissa at: Daily Life - Bits & Pieces  

Cheri at: Scrap Dreams  
Karen at: Random Reflections
Jane at: Nanny Jane's
Leslie Chlingan: Once Upon A Time Happily Everafter
JoAnn at: Scene Through My Eyes
Karen at:
Karen's 365 Photos    
Joy at: Joy Knitt - Today 


  1. Thank you for organising this years Scavenger hunt again Mary-Lou. I really enjoyed this years hunt and good to know you're already planning for 2019. x

    1. Karen I am glad you joined in & enjoyed. I know it gets me out & about ...

  2. I'm pleased to report that I completed the list - but anyone following the above link needs to wait probably about a month before I have all the relevant posts and final selection on my blog!

    1. No worries, post when you get a chance & I know I look forward to seeing what things you have found. I am so glad you joined in.

  3. My last post just went up, and as always, I truly enjoyed the hunt. And . . . I'm so happy to hear that one is planned for 2019! Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this, and the pleasure we all get from participating!

    1. You are most welcome Karen. I am always intrigued by how others use the list - you had some great finds this season. So glad you joined in & had some fun.

  4. It was a great list this year! Many thanks again for organising it all so brilliantly!

    1. It truly was my pleasure & I am so glad you joined in. You had some truly interesting finds & I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite.

  5. This was such a FUN hunt! I had more photos, which I'll share as I get to them. So sorry I missed this last link up. Thanks for hosting!!!